The Z Word

If I were ever in a zombie apocalypse (or "infected" apocalypse or whatever) and I saw a zombie walking towards me, I wouldn't think, "Oh dear, how will ever dispatch of this zombie? It must be indestructible!" No way! I'd just say, "Oh shit! It's just like in every zombie book and movie ever made! Hey everyone, just destroy its head or brain and let's go home!" Read more [...]

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Ryan here again. I watched this after Paul recommended it in a comment on a recent post. He was right: the movie's great. Very interesting to see how the ratings system is basically a scam, and it makes me lose even a bit more faith in Hollywood. It's entertaining an educational, and for that I'll give it a 15/17. I'll also include a few "alternative" rating systems that I came across when looking for an image for this post: Read more [...]

Life of Piscine, Tag-Team!

This two-person review of "Life of Pi" will take you back to the good ol' days of the World Wrestling Federation. Sitzman already called that he was Ultimate Warrior, but it's yet to be determined who Deuce will be. Hulk Hogan? André the Giant? Jake the Snake? Only one way to find out--read on! Read more [...]

Review: “Kingdom of Heaven”

We watched this movie last weekend because it was on my "List of Books, Movies, and Music to Check Out." I really do have a list like that, but the trouble is that until just recently, I'd only write names of new recommendations, but never who recommended it to me or why they did so. So, I could have put a given item on the list because I heard about it in a grad school class 8 years ago, or I could have put it on there because Paul said there was a really funny scene in which a guy gets hit in the Read more [...]