Fight the Nazis again with this double-feature!

Back in late May I watched two sci-fi Nazi films. The first, Iron Sky (Nazis on the moon). The second, Nazis at the Center of the Earth (Nazis at the center... well, I think that's obvious). Iron Sky wasn't bad at first, I would even say I was intrigued at the beginning. It quickly turned into a political satire, and not a good one. Apparently, the United States eventually vote in a Sarah Palin-esque president, which might be funny, but it wasn't, just really annoying. The special effects Read more [...]

Longboard Lager by Kona

Kona Brewing Company is from Hawaii if you didn't already know or guess it already from the name. The name refers to those longboards surfers use and love so much, especially those surfers who longboard in Hawaii. I should know so much because I've surfed a total of zero times. I came close, though. Real close. Once in Costa Rica, Sitz and I had a blast (literally) one fine day getting pummeled by gigantic waves. In hindsight, actually, I wouldn't call this surfing by any means, but I did recall Read more [...]

Beer (and movies)

Deuce's friend Phil: You should write a beer blog. Deuce: What?! Nuh-uh! Guy cray-cray!! No time. You should! Phil: I DRINK beer. I don't wanna write about it. I'll read it and comment a whole bunch if you do, though. I'll even buy you beer to write about! Deuce: Well, if you insist... Since Phil has been so generous to help contribute to the welfare of Cinematic Attic, buying it's authors beer, I have decided to start a beer page. Whenever I try a new beer (that Phil buys for me), I'll Read more [...]

Hangar 18

Deuce here. Now, Hangar 18 wasn't a bad movie until the end. Hey, at least the Teen Wolf dad starred! The story kept me going and I was wondering how it was going to end. I'm gonna spoil the end here because, let's face it, no one is going to go out and watch this movie. Here at Cinematic Attic, we've reviewed scores of movies, and someone is going to choose Hangar 18?! If so, I want to meet you, because you've got taste! Anyhoo, in the end, the government made it look like a plane crashed Read more [...]

Jack Reacher

Deuce here. This movie was not what I was expecting! I don't think I'd watch it again, but I've got to give the filmmakers credit for injecting bits of goofy weirdness into an investigative action/thriller. I don't think I would've liked it had it been for those bits. I think you just gotta see it to know exactly what I'm talking about. My favorite scene was a bathroom fight with Tom Cruise and two thugs. It was amusing, but no more. Sitz-Scale: 12/17. Read more [...]