The Office

I really liked the British original series of the same name, so I was initially skeptical 9 or so years ago when they made an American version. Why mess with something that was so great, right? Well, they did mess with it, but they tweaked it in a way that really gave the American version its own flare. It was less mean-hearted, and a bit more on the absurd side, which played well with me. Read more [...]

Vampire Weekend Recreates Your Favorite Album

This is a long overdue review of one of the best albums (and Djake's favorite album) of the year so far. Vampire Weekend's tertiary album, Modern Vampires of the City, may well be this group's finest. I can only describe it as being nostalgic; upon first listen it already sounds like your favorite album. What I mean by that is, although it is not my favorite album of the year (that coveted title goes to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories), it merely sounds like it. It's as if someone took one Read more [...]

Longboard Lager by Kona

Kona Brewing Company is from Hawaii if you didn't already know or guess it already from the name. The name refers to those longboards surfers use and love so much, especially those surfers who longboard in Hawaii. I should know so much because I've surfed a total of zero times. I came close, though. Real close. Once in Costa Rica, Sitz and I had a blast (literally) one fine day getting pummeled by gigantic waves. In hindsight, actually, I wouldn't call this surfing by any means, but I did recall Read more [...]

Beer (and movies)

Deuce's friend Phil: You should write a beer blog. Deuce: What?! Nuh-uh! Guy cray-cray!! No time. You should! Phil: I DRINK beer. I don't wanna write about it. I'll read it and comment a whole bunch if you do, though. I'll even buy you beer to write about! Deuce: Well, if you insist... Since Phil has been so generous to help contribute to the welfare of Cinematic Attic, buying it's authors beer, I have decided to start a beer page. Whenever I try a new beer (that Phil buys for me), I'll Read more [...]

Sound City

Sound City This little doc about a dive recording studio in the San Fernando Valley is an entertaining look into one of Rocks hidden gems.  Featuring and directed by one of the best drummers out there, Dave Grohl, who gives an insiders view of this little known rock mecca.  After hearing that the place where Nirvana laid down the tracks for Nevermind was/went out of business, Dave sets out to pay homage to the prolific studio.  Turns out hundreds upon thousands of gold/platinum/titanium records Read more [...]