Beer (and movies)

Deuce’s friend Phil: You should write a beer blog.
Deuce: What?! Nuh-uh! Guy cray-cray!! No time. You should!
Phil: I DRINK beer. I don’t wanna write about it. I’ll read it and comment a whole bunch if you do, though. I’ll even buy you beer to write about!
Deuce: Well, if you insist…

Since Phil has been so generous to help contribute to the welfare of Cinematic Attic, buying it’s authors beer, I have decided to start a beer page. Whenever I try a new beer (that Phil buys for me), I’ll quickly review it and also give it a movie-pairing. Then, you comment if you’ve ever tried the beer or have something to say about my suggested movie-pairing. You can find the link to the Beer Page at the top of the main Cinematic Attic page where it says “Beer”. Be sure to periodically check the “Quotes” and “Movie Log” pages too as I don’t think it shows down at the bottom if there has been a new post on those pages as it does our regular posts.

Any Cinematic Attic writer is welcome to contribute to the page. Mi casa, tu post! All you have to do is put “beer” in the Categories section.

Well, as they say in Russian, “За здоровье”! Or just “cheers” in American…


3 thoughts on “Beer (and movies)

  1. Hey Deuce!

    I’m glad to see the site expanding, and I think this is a cool idea. It makes me think of when we watched the Godfathers and made some Italian food–perhaps we can expand this idea into a mixing of the culinary and cinematic?

    Mazel Tov!

      • In that case, I’m going to add a Urinary Tract Cat Food tab, so I can mention which urinary tract cat foods Chubby favors and which he turns his nose up at. (Hint: the stuff they bring in from Argentina is shit.)

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