TV Special Review: ‘The Secret Life of Babies’


Hello! I think we’re officially done with our Atomic Film Fest, but I liked the idea of watching and reviewing a series of movies with a similar theme. So if you have ideas of themes for a future series, please feel free to tell me. I actually did see a few more movies, but they were documentaries, and not terribly interesting or post-worthy.

Not like this BBC special, “The Secret Life of Babies.” Angela found it on Netflix and saw the start of it, so we decided to watch the whole thing together. It’s really good. Sorry, it’s British, so I mean “It’s rather quite good.” As can be expected from a BBC documentary, it’s interesting and very well produced, at least in terms of camera work, effects, etc. It basically works like a “Did you know?” type of trivia show at times, but the facts are all interesting, especially for new parents like us. You can also find a more detailed description of the show here (it’s actually got basically all the information in the show, so if you can’t see it for some reason, you can just read that… it’s also where I got the picture above).

I was very surprised that I didn’t know a lot of the information in the movie, and that’s even after I thought I’d done a fair amount of research for our baby. The fact that babies don’t have kneecaps, for example, should have been obvious but it blew my mind. I had to actually feel my baby’s knee, since he was napping on my lap as we watched. Sure enough, no kneecap (They said it forms later as they’re growing).

In any case, if you have Netflix and this special is available where you live, check it out!


Quality of Baby Factoids: 15/17
Production Values: 16/17
Cuteness: 17/17
Adorableness: 17/17
Preciousness: 17/17
Overall Rating: 16/17 

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