TV Show Review: The Americans

  I get the impression that this TV show is pretty big in the US, so this review may be superfluous. I only started watching it because it was listed really high on Netflix, and I'd heard some comments about it in Slate. Nevertheless, I thought I'd review it anyhow, since the premise of Cinematic Attic is to simply comment on the idea of "Have you seen anything good lately?" Briefly put, the series is about two KGB spies who are undercover in the US in the early 1980s. It's got a little bit of Read more [...]

TV Special Review: ‘The Secret Life of Babies’

Hello! I think we're officially done with our Atomic Film Fest, but I liked the idea of watching and reviewing a series of movies with a similar theme. So if you have ideas of themes for a future series, please feel free to tell me. I actually did see a few more movies, but they were documentaries, and not terribly interesting or post-worthy. Not like this BBC special, "The Secret Life of Babies." Angela found it on Netflix and saw the start of it, so we decided to watch the whole thing together. Read more [...]

The Office

I really liked the British original series of the same name, so I was initially skeptical 9 or so years ago when they made an American version. Why mess with something that was so great, right? Well, they did mess with it, but they tweaked it in a way that really gave the American version its own flare. It was less mean-hearted, and a bit more on the absurd side, which played well with me. Read more [...]