Sound City

Sound City This little doc about a dive recording studio in the San Fernando Valley is an entertaining look into one of Rocks hidden gems.  Featuring and directed by one of the best drummers out there, Dave Grohl, who gives an insiders view of this little known rock mecca.  After hearing that the place where Nirvana laid down the tracks for Nevermind was/went out of business, Dave sets out to pay homage to the prolific studio.  Turns out hundreds upon thousands of gold/platinum/titanium records Read more [...]

A Couple of Mehs and a Blech

So I’m usually gushing about the movies I review. I like most movies; there are only a few I hate with an undying passion, and some that were completely forgettable. I thought, for a change, I’d cast aspersions on a few I saw recently. Two of them are OK (I guess, nothing special) but the last one is a real disappointment considering the stellar cast. I don’t know if I’m doing myself any favors telling you not to see a movie except to go out and see that movie to prove me wrong. But whatever Read more [...]

The Impossible (Not to Cry)

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami hit the big screen in dramatic fashion last year.  The Impossible documents the amazing true story of a family of five facing the deadliest tsunami in recorded history (230,000 killed).  Not since the spate of disaster movies of the mid to late nineties has a family been up against such-- and I'm already running out of synonyms here--insurmountable odds.  And to add insult to injury they're on vacation in a foreign land, Thailand to be precise. You might Read more [...]

For Your Consideration: Lincoln

  So while you’re nursing a hangover from the Presidents Day rager you threw, I thought I’d tell you about Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln. The 16th President had a banner year in 2012 with no less than three movies.  I haven't seen the other two more fantastical vampire or zombie hunter versions, but the one based on a true story is quite good (not to say Lincoln didn't fight the undead during his off time). I enjoy history and the Civil War is an especially compelling time in American Read more [...]

For a Good Time: Don’t Watch this Movie

Amour, a French language film by acclaimed German director Michael Haneke, is a meditation on mortality and its effects on the lives and love of two happily married octogenarians. Not exactly the most romantic notion but it is inevitable and while this film is quite bleak two outstanding performances are given by the leads, Emmanuelle Riva (Anne) and Jean-Louis Trintignant (Georges). This is a blessing because the movie, with the exception of a concert, takes place entirely within the confines of Read more [...]

Argo See This Academy Award Nominated Film

Argo is certainly a movie that will please audiences and give you a history lesson to boot.  The incredible true story is brought to life aptly by star and director Ben Affleck and it is timely considering the string of embassy attacks of late.  It’s best going into this movie not knowing the particulars and that’s easy because the story was fairly recently declassified by the CIA.  I can’t say for certain how glamorized it has been made and that may be the point because Hollywood had a Read more [...]