Cut Loose

This is me and my friends in 1984... in my mind.

This is me and my friends in 1984… in my mind.

My mom pointed out this video to me, since she knows I love Footloose:

I know that seems weird, but I really do like this movie. It’s even in my top 20, I believe. It just captures a big snapshot of my youth, despite the fact that nothing in the movie actually happened during my own particular youth. Playing chicken on a tractor? Fighting a local law prohibiting dancing? Crossing the state line to go to a bar and dance with some rednecks? Angry warehouse dancing? I can’t say I enjoyed any of those activities, but for some reason, the movie always makes me nostalgic. And with great music and dancing, how can you say no:

Anyone else out there like Footloose as much as I do? I know I’m not alone. I can’t be.

You must respect the "Balloon View Cam." You simply must!

You must respect the “Balloon View Cam.” You simply must!

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