Fight the Nazis again with this double-feature!

Back in late May I watched two sci-fi Nazi films. The first, Iron Sky (Nazis on the moon). The second, Nazis at the Center of the Earth (Nazis at the center… well, I think that’s obvious).



Iron Sky wasn’t bad at first, I would even say I was intrigued at the beginning. It quickly turned into a political satire, and not a good one. Apparently, the United States eventually vote in a Sarah Palin-esque president, which might be funny, but it wasn’t, just really annoying. The special effects were pretty good, though… It’s amazing that b-movies nowadays can have great visuals. Horrible movie, though.

Center of the Earth was a cross between Hostel, Terminator, and a tiny bit Independance Day. The only difference is I liked those movies. This one was bad. I watched this right after Iron Sky. I thought both would be unique, interesting, and fun, but they were none of those. Hitler comes back as a mech-thing in this one. Jake Busey was in it. Don’t like him much.

I’m not sure what happened that two Nazi movies came out so close together. I’m thinking there’s people out there that fantasize about getting their try at fighting back against evil. Well, I would advise you stay away from these movies as they’re both very, very bad.

I give them both a 5/17.

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