This is actually Ryan, despite the title of this post. Last night I saw the 2011 movie Paul. But if the title of the post gets Paul out of seclusion to comment on the blog or write, even better. If you've not seen Paul, it's basically about two nerds that go on a post-Comicon tour of UFO sites in the southwest US, only to actually find an alien. The alien is named Paul, and he's just escaped from a government facility and is trying to meet up with his own kind. He's evidently from a raunchy galaxy Read more [...]

Fight the Nazis again with this double-feature!

Back in late May I watched two sci-fi Nazi films. The first, Iron Sky (Nazis on the moon). The second, Nazis at the Center of the Earth (Nazis at the center... well, I think that's obvious). Iron Sky wasn't bad at first, I would even say I was intrigued at the beginning. It quickly turned into a political satire, and not a good one. Apparently, the United States eventually vote in a Sarah Palin-esque president, which might be funny, but it wasn't, just really annoying. The special effects Read more [...]

Star Trek (But Not The New One)

Ryan here. We watched 2009's Star Trek last night. I'd not seen it before, but it was on Netflix. I was afraid they might take it off come June, so I thought we should check it out. I'm definitely a Star Wars partisan, but I enjoy the Trek world, too. It's just much bigger and I have to admit that I've only seen the original movies, and that was when I was still in high school. And I'm fine with that--it just seems like if I really wanted to try to get into Star Trek, it would take me the rest Read more [...]

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Ryan here again. I watched this after Paul recommended it in a comment on a recent post. He was right: the movie's great. Very interesting to see how the ratings system is basically a scam, and it makes me lose even a bit more faith in Hollywood. It's entertaining an educational, and for that I'll give it a 15/17. I'll also include a few "alternative" rating systems that I came across when looking for an image for this post: Read more [...]

Lincoln Again

Ryan Sitzman here. I know we've already talked about Lincoln twice, but I thought I'd just chime in quickly. I saw it last night. It was good, but did get a bit slow in parts. I realize that passing the 13th amendment and ending the Civil War were Lincoln's two biggest things, but they don't always make for gripping cinema. I liked the movie, but the way it made me think of how things must have been back then was even cooler. So, check it out if you haven't already. 13/17. Read more [...]

Hangar 18

Deuce here. Now, Hangar 18 wasn't a bad movie until the end. Hey, at least the Teen Wolf dad starred! The story kept me going and I was wondering how it was going to end. I'm gonna spoil the end here because, let's face it, no one is going to go out and watch this movie. Here at Cinematic Attic, we've reviewed scores of movies, and someone is going to choose Hangar 18?! If so, I want to meet you, because you've got taste! Anyhoo, in the end, the government made it look like a plane crashed Read more [...]