Life of Piscine, Tag-Team!

This two-person review of "Life of Pi" will take you back to the good ol' days of the World Wrestling Federation. Sitzman already called that he was Ultimate Warrior, but it's yet to be determined who Deuce will be. Hulk Hogan? André the Giant? Jake the Snake? Only one way to find out--read on! Read more [...]

Top 12 of 2012: “The Hobbit” (Comments by Deuce)

Welcome back to our week-long series on notable movies from 2012! Today we've got Deuce's short and sweet commentary on The Hobbit. The movie made our group's Top 12 list, as well as some of our individual lists (although not all of us have seen it due to its very late release date). Also, you can check out Jake's review of the movie here for another perspective. So, without further Peter Jackson-esque stalling, here's Deuce's post: Deuce: I am going to assume you know about The Hobbit. I'm not Read more [...]