For your health: Write comments!

Deuce: Sitz! No one can comment on Cinematic Attic unless they have a WordPress account! Sitz: You're crapping with me, right?! Deuce: No, man, seriously. Sitz: We gotta do! Deuce: No, YOU gotta do something, 'cause I'm too lazy, ok? [click] Sitz: Wait! Deuce! ...Deuce? This was an actual transcription of a conversation between these two gentlemen on a cold, stormy night last week. Well, Sitz fixed Cinematic Attic so that anyone can comment! You just type in your comment, Read more [...]

Deuce’s Backyard Theatre and what it means for you

I've been waiting since December 25th to post this very special announcement. Even though this is a big part of it, I'm not announcing that my wife, Sam, gave me a projector for Christmas. What I want to announce is that... Djake, Sam, and I successfully watched a whole movie, using the projector...outside under the stars. The way movies were meant to be watched. As Joe Bob Briggs says, "The drive-in will never die." Or, in this case, the backyard theatre... We were celebrating May the 4th, National Read more [...]

May the 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! Be sure to enjoy a Star Wars movie or two, or three... or six if you're into that. Other activities you might think about to help you in the celebration: 1) Pull the ears off a Gundark. 2) Drink blue milk. 3) Head on over to your nearest Tosche Station and pick up some power converters. 4) Stand on your head and float a rock with your mind. 5) Enjoy a good ol' fashioned game of Dejarik. Just remember, though, to let the wookie win. 6) Adopt an Ewok. If you're Read more [...]

Life of Piscine, Tag-Team!

This two-person review of "Life of Pi" will take you back to the good ol' days of the World Wrestling Federation. Sitzman already called that he was Ultimate Warrior, but it's yet to be determined who Deuce will be. Hulk Hogan? André the Giant? Jake the Snake? Only one way to find out--read on! Read more [...]

Entertainment, Weakly

I am probably way behind the curve on this, but I recently read an article in an old Entertainment Weekly I brought to Costa Rica the last time I visited my folks' house. In it there was an article called "The 50 Best Movies You've Never Seen." Its criteria were that the movies had to be made since 1991 and somehow under-viewed or under-appreciated. You can see the article here, but this list on IMDB is much more user-friendly. Read more [...]

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks was a comedian from Texas who rose to at prominence in the 80s. He was "controversial," in that he talked a lot about politics, society, and drugs. He unleashed his wrath on the first two, and as for drugs, he was a major opponent of the hypocrisy surrounding drugs. Although his comedy could be angry, bitter, and often vulgar, he still strangely seemed to come at the whole thing from a place of love and compassion (hence the book's title). His comedy seemed to reflect an exasperation at the decline of society, but he seemed to genuinely want to change things for the better. Read more [...]