Top 12 of 2012: For Your Consideration: “Moonrise Kingdom” (By Mike2D2)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Today we're going to continue our look back at 2012--it certainly had a lot of good movies, didn't it? Tonight we'll have a review of a movie that made basically all of our editors' lists, and it will be the first post by our writer Mike2D2! The article was originally just a series of beeps, blips, and whistles, but fortunately our protocol droid was able to convert it into Standard English (a Bocce translation will follow soon). Enjoy! For Your Consideration: Read more [...]

Top 12 of 2012: “Cloud Atlas” (“Co-Review” by the Sitzchowski Brothers)

Good evening! We're back today with an admittedly enormous post to continue our 2012 review. It's so long that it even has two authors, who both took on new identities; Now Ryan and Paul are calling themselves the Sitzchowski Brothers in homage to the Wachowskis, the sibling pair who co-directed Cloud Atlas (along with director Tom Tykwer... but unless we can convince Jake to play "Tom Jykewer," then we'll just have one author fewer than the movie has directors). We'll begin with Paul's argument Read more [...]

Top 12 of 2012: “Django Unchained” (An Essay By Djake)

Good Evening! Tonight we'll continue looking back at 2012 with a review by Djake ("The D's silent," he assured me). This movie also made our group's Top 12 list, even though it came out in the final week of 2012. It's also currently leading our Readers' Poll of The Best Movies of 2012, which you should be sure to participate in by going here. Anyhow, without further ado, here's the review: Djake: I knew I would love Django Unchained as soon as I heard Quentin Tarantino was making a "Southern" Read more [...]

2012 Notable Movie: “The Dark Knight Rises” (An Anti-Tribute by Paul)

We, the Editors of Cinematic Attic, have been feverishly watching movies in the last week in attempt to get as many thoughts and perspectives as possible about 2012's offerings. We've compiled a list of our collective Top 12 Movies of 2012, which we'll reveal in a few days, but in the meantime, each of us has chosen a movie to write about. All of the movies we'll discuss made our group's Top 12 list, but as you'll see, not all the movies were universally lauded. Over the next few days we'll Read more [...]

Vote For Your Favorite Movies From 2012!

2012 is officially over, so it's time for year-end polls! Cinematic Attic's editors are working on their lists of favorite movies, and now it's your time to join in! Below you'll find the movies that made our lists. Simply choose your top 3 movies (or submit a different answer, but remember, voting for third-party candidates is just throwing your vote away). But you must choose wisely, for you have only one chance to submit your votes, and doing it wrong will lead to frustration and refreshed browser Read more [...]