Cinematic Attic’s Top 12 Movies of 2012

We've been talking about it for the last week, and now it's finally time to lay our cards on the table. Here is our list--Click on the titles in green to go to our reviews of each movie. Enjoy! CINEMATIC ATTIC'S TOP 12 MOVIES OF 2012: 1) Moonrise Kingdom 2) Django Unchained 3) Prometheus 4) Dark Knight Rises 5) The Avengers 6) Cloud Atlas 7) Looper 8) Cabin in the Woods 9) Frankenweenie 10) ParaNorman 11) The Hobbit (2) 12) Skyfall Now, a few notes about the way we figured Read more [...]

Vote For Your Favorite Movies From 2012!

2012 is officially over, so it's time for year-end polls! Cinematic Attic's editors are working on their lists of favorite movies, and now it's your time to join in! Below you'll find the movies that made our lists. Simply choose your top 3 movies (or submit a different answer, but remember, voting for third-party candidates is just throwing your vote away). But you must choose wisely, for you have only one chance to submit your votes, and doing it wrong will lead to frustration and refreshed browser Read more [...]