A “Memento” Quote To Tattoo On Your Body

"Hey, guess what time it is: it's beer o'clock, and I'm buying." -Teddy (Joe Pantoliano), from Memento I haven't seen Memento for a few years, but after remembering this quote a few days ago (I joked with one of my students about the time being "beer o'clock"), I checked out more from the movie and realized how much I liked it. I really dug it when it came out in 2001 and I remember seeing it a few times in Germany and back in Colorado. Really original plot and concept, good acting, great lines. Read more [...]

100th Post (!)(?)

Deuce asked me to write a short post to mark the occasion, but I'll do him one better: I'll mark the occasion and announce a prize competition! For the 100th person who comments on this post, as well as for the 100th person who "likes" our page on Facebook, I'll give you a prize: 100 Costa Rican Colones! I'd offer 100 dollars, but that's not the currency here, and dollars aren't as "exotic." Read more [...]

The Man Who Couldn’t Cry (At Movies) Meets His Match

To call Hachi a "tearjerker" is not quite correct. Hachi will jerk tears out of you, sure. But Hachi will also haunt your emotions. Hachi will punch your heart in the balls. Hachi will grab your tear tear ducts, hold a gun to their heads, and blindfold them in the bank safe, holding them hostage until the police meet its demands --namely: a helicopter; a million dollars in unmarked, nonconsecutive bills; and a single tear to trickle down every viewer's cheek. Read more [...]

Life of Piscine, Tag-Team!

This two-person review of "Life of Pi" will take you back to the good ol' days of the World Wrestling Federation. Sitzman already called that he was Ultimate Warrior, but it's yet to be determined who Deuce will be. Hulk Hogan? André the Giant? Jake the Snake? Only one way to find out--read on! Read more [...]

Entertainment, Weakly

I am probably way behind the curve on this, but I recently read an article in an old Entertainment Weekly I brought to Costa Rica the last time I visited my folks' house. In it there was an article called "The 50 Best Movies You've Never Seen." Its criteria were that the movies had to be made since 1991 and somehow under-viewed or under-appreciated. You can see the article here, but this list on IMDB is much more user-friendly. Read more [...]

Jesus Christ Superstar

If you've not seen JCS, I can heartily recommend it. It's excellent for many reasons: the songs, the acting, the singing, the setting, the nostalgic value, and the ability to make the viewer think. It's my favorite musical, and it's also on my list of top 20 movies in general. I've talked about it with ministers, Germans, devout church-goers, lapsed Catholics, non-believers, and even a drunk student in Madrid (who burst Jesus' part from "What's the Buzz"). The point is, if you're thinking, "But I'm not religious, so I'm not really interested," then you should still give it a chance. Read more [...]