Djake Exploits The Attic: Nightmare City (1980)

This week on Djake Exploits the Attic, I'm going to review the 1980 Italian "infected people" (don't call them zombies) gorefest, Nightmare City. Directed by Umberto Lenzi, infamously known for his Cannibal Holocaust rip-off, Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly), and starring Hugo Stiglitz ("everyone in the German Army has heard of Hugo Stiglitz"), a Mexican actor who moved to Italy in the 70s to make exploitation flicks. The story is fairly simple: a military plane carrying a famous scientist Read more [...]

Djake Exploits the Attic: Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)

Djake here with the first post in a new series Deuce and I have been talking about in which we review a new exploitation or B-movie each week. An exploitation film is basically a low-budget flick that can't rely on big name stars, special effects or good writing and instead finds something to "exploit" to make money. That may be gore, sex, cheerleaders, kung fu, slavery, car crashes, the spaghetti west, aliens, revenge, chainsaw massacres, naked nuns, any number of things really. They were mainly Read more [...]