4 thoughts on “Big difference

  1. Coolest To Have Worked On:

    1. Star Wars Original Trilogy
    2. Spaceballs
    3. Star Trek
    4. Starman
    5. Starship Troopers
    6. Rock Star
    7. Star Fox
    8. Dancing With The Stars
    9. Madonna’s “Lucky Star” Video Shoot
    10. Star Wars Prequels

    But of course, this is the top 10 out of 1,000,017, so there are many worse things to have worked on.

  2. Haha, yep. There’s gotta be one weird one. Plus, I think it’s pretty obvious that Spaceballs wasn’t a parody of Smoky and the Bandit. :)

  3. There were actually 3 star fox games if I remember correctly, and they were all pretty awesome, just like everything that Rare touches. The third one (for gamecube) was a bit of a detour since it was a third person fighter instead of the usual flying missions throughout, but it did however still feature all the annoying background characters that we love to hate. Dammit! Youve gotta learn to save your own ass, Slippy!

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