Thoughts About “Ender’s Game” (Ryan)

This is going to be mostly about the book Ender's Game, not the upcoming movie. Actually, if you are ever going to read the book, get on that now, since seeing the movie trailer will inevitably spoil some parts for you (as all trailers seem to do these days). The only reason I read this book is because it was in a collection of books given to me by my friend Lucy. I had no idea what it would be about, but I just happened to notice the book right after I saw a picture of Ben Kingsley in makeup Read more [...]

Jack Reacher

Deuce here. This movie was not what I was expecting! I don't think I'd watch it again, but I've got to give the filmmakers credit for injecting bits of goofy weirdness into an investigative action/thriller. I don't think I would've liked it had it been for those bits. I think you just gotta see it to know exactly what I'm talking about. My favorite scene was a bathroom fight with Tom Cruise and two thugs. It was amusing, but no more. Sitz-Scale: 12/17. Read more [...]


When I originally heard of this movie, it was billed as something like "Cameron Crowe's tribute to the 90s Seattle Grunge scene." I wouldn't call it that, exactly, although it does feature (acting) performances from a few members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. It's basically about people in their 20s and 30s trying to date in Seattle. I went into this movie really wanting to like it, since I think Cameron Crowe is generally great. But then I spent the first half of the movie disliking so many things Read more [...]

The Rosebud Beach Hotel

I only started to watch this since Coleen Camp was in it. She played Yvette in the movie Clue. The movie was pretty bad, but still, at least, a little enjoyable. Christopher Lee was in it, surprisingly, but the best part was the band, playing awesome 80s girl power-pop. Good stuff. I would only give this a 9/17. Watch it just for the band. It expires from Netflix on June 1st. Read more [...]

The Champagne Safari

Boring and annoying at the same time, this documentary focused on the life of Charles Bedaux, switching (without any warning whatsoever) between his ins and outs during WWII and his extravagant expedition of the Canadian Rockies. Interesting fellow, but just another rich guy investing mostly in himself. 10/17 on the Sitz-Scale. It expires from Netflix streaming on June 1st, but I don't highly recommend it. Anybody ever heard of this dude? Read more [...]

Casa de mi Padre

Casa De Mi Padre This movie was weird but still pretty funny. Will Ferrell has always been surprisingly good, in my opinion, although some of my least favorite things he's done are SNL and Old School. I get the feeling I may be the odd one out in that sense. Anyhow, I love that they did this movie in broken Spanish. I also loved the crappy sets and props that got thrown in now and again. And the whole idea of poking fun at macho culture and stereotypes from both sides of the border was also Read more [...]