5 thoughts on “Han-ukkah

  1. I’d say you probably should, unless they’re associated with the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. I’ll admit that I’ve not seen it, but from what I hear, wanting to watch it is like first year Hogwarts students getting into necromancy. Sure, it’s kinda related to something you’re really into, but it’s a dark, dark place that only the very strong come out of alive.

  2. Knowing me, as I naturally do since I’m myself, if I were to see the Star Wars holiday special again, I think I would enjoy it. Probably more than necromancy… But, who knows, never tried necromancy…

  3. That’s a great analogy, Sitzman! You should try necromancy, Dusty, I hear it’s better than necrophilia. Although I’ve never tried either so I can’t say.

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