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Having trouble staying awake during movies? Step into my office!

I wanted to start the Movie Log section of the site based on an idea I stole from Deuce. But it’s a good idea, and it was the basis for starting this blog, actually. See, Deuce keeps really impressive records of the movies he watches, and I always thought that was an interesting thing. Captains keep Captain’s Logs. Oenophiles keep Wine Logs. And Scandinavians keep Jule Logs. All in all, we could do with more logs.

So my idea here is that if we have shorter reviews or only a quick comment about a movie, we might as well put them here. I know that personally I feel like in order to post something to Cinematic Attic, it needs to be big or thoughtful. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I know that I’m truly interested in the answer when I ask someone “What have you been watching or reading these days?” or “Seen any good movies lately?”

I also included a “Quotes” page, since I’ve always been a fan of quotes from movies and books.

For any CA writer who wants to put a post into either of these categories, just write a normal post, but before publishing, label it “Quotes” or “Log,” respectively, in the “Categories” section. If you add any other categories, it’ll show up on the home page of CA, but that’s also OK if you want it to. But if you only want to write a quote and put it on the quote page, then only categorize your post as “Quotes” and you should be OK. Same goes for a Movie Log post: if you want to do that, only categorize it under “Log.”

So, that’s about it for now. If anyone still follows this page, then great–you’re welcome here. If no one else is reading, I’ll keep carrying the torch myself.

Ummm… mazol tov!

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